Wood Process 1.0 | The Process

The Process

“This is a description of a procedural sculpture-performance that we performed at Bergen International Wood Festival 2010 ” —The Team

The process starts with us making a blueprint of the sculpture (the first dimension or generation 0 (zero)). In this case we started out with creating a strait line, following the ground. The blueprint describes a simple structure to be built by us during the first part of the process. After the first part ends and we are satisfied with the result, we let the computer software take a photo of the sculpture and compare it to the blueprint. Based on the differences between sculpture and blueprint, the software generated a new blueprint containing modifications and extensions (a second dimension and generation n+1). We then follow this new blueprint in the second part of the process until we are satisfied with the structure, in this part the third dimension was interpreted by us. We then had the computer software evaluate this new situation, thus creating a dialog between us and the software. The process ran for a fixed time.


The workstation enduring rain

BIWF 2010

Wood Process 1.0 got a Honorary Mention in the competition at BIWF 2010. The jury consisted of Ole Vanggaard, professor, Denmark, Ola Wedebrunn, architect, Sweden and John Audun Hauge, sculptor, Norway.

Extract from the festival page: “Bergen International Wood Festival (BIWF) is focusing on structures made from wood, and the material’s constructive and moulding qualities. As part of this focus – we arrange a competition in experimental construction of spatial wooden structures. Designers, architects and artists from all over the world are hereby invited to a grand competition in May in Bergen!”

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